Frequently asked questions about WOZ

On this page you can read the answers to frequently asked questions about the WOZ.

General questions about WOZ

  • There is no need to request a new tax assessment or new property value assessment (WOZ beschikking). You can view the tax assessment with the WOZ value in Mijn Loket.

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Questions about the calculation of WOZ value

  • You can file an objection to your WOZ value. You need to do this within 6 weeks after receving the property value assessment (WOZ beschikking). Read how to lodge your objection.

Vragen over bezwaar maken

  • Did we reduce the WOZ value after you successfully lodged an objection? Then GBLT will adjust the tax assessment. The excess amount you have paid will be refunded to your account. We will send you a letter explaining these adjustments.

    By how much will my tax assessment be reduced?

    The reduction in your tax assessment depends on several things. Such as the amount of your WOZ value, to what extent the WOZ value is reduced and the municipality where you live.

    An example:
    You own a house in the municipality of Zwolle. Your WOZ value was € 350,000. You lodge an objection and GBLT agrees with you. Your WOZ value is reduced by €20,000 to €330,000.

    The property tax in Zwolle in 2023 is 0.0947% of your WOZ value.
    The water system charge "built-on land inside the dikes" is 0.0392% of your WOZ value. After the reduction you will have to pay € 18.94 less property tax and € 7.84 less water system charge.

    Do you want to calculate the amounts yourself?

    Use the amount by which the WOZ value is reduced. In the example, this is € 20,000. Multiply this by the applicable tax rates. For the municipality of Zwolle, the rates are 0.0947% and 0.0392%. The calculation is then € 20,000 X 0.0947% = €18.94 for the property tax and € 20,000 x 0.0392% = €7.84 for the water system charge. Use the rates overview page to find the rates for the different taxes for all municipalities.

    Do you want to object to your WOZ value?

    Go to the page on lodging a WOZ objection.

  • You can object to the height of the WOZ value

    Are you a tenant of an independent, rent-controlled property? Then you can object to the height of the WOZ value. On the website of the Rijksoverheid (Dutch government) you can check whether you live in an independent rental property.

    Objecting is only of use if you are paying the maximum rent

    In that case, with a lower WOZ value, you can ask the landlord to reduce the rent. Do you want to object to a rent that is too high? Then you should go to the landlord or the 'Huurcommissie' (rent commission, Dutch only) to do so.

    There are no effects on GBLT's tax assessment

    Even if we adjust the WOZ value, your assessment will not be reduced. GBLT only uses the WOZ value for the property tax and the water system charge for property owners. You do not receive these assessments if you are only the user of a property.

    The assessments you do receive are therefore not dependent on the WOZ value.

  • By the end of the calendar year in which you lodged your objection (so on December 31st at the latest), you will be informed whether your WOZ value will be revised.

    What is the procedure if you lodge an objection to the WOZ value?

    As soon as your objection is received, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. We will then start processing your objection immediately. Firstly, we carefully review your objection. And we re-check our calculation and any other matters you indicate. Finally, we will decide whether the WOZ value needs to be revised. We will send you a letter informing you about this before the end of the calendar year.

    Read more on our WOZ-page.

Is your question not here?

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