Market fees Bunschoten

Do you want to trade in a stand at the market? Then you need a market permit. You can apply for this through the municipality website (Dutch Only). You will have to pay costs to the municipality for this permit. 

You also have to pay market fees. GBLT imposes the market fees. You also pay these costs to GBLT. The market fee is a fixed rate per annum. Do you start trading later than January 1st? Then you pay market fees from this date on.

To find out how much you have to pay please visit the rates page.

Do you cease trading?

Please notify us when you decide to cease trading during the year. Sometimes you can get back some of the market fees you paid.  You do have to notify us withing 6 weeks. You can send the notification digitally in 'Mijn Loket'. Or you can write to GBLT, PO Box 1098, 8001 BB Zwolle.

Log on to Mijn Loket

Is remission possible?

Remission is not possible with this tax. You can, however, pay in instalments.

Read more about paying in instalments