Sewerage charge Nijkerk

Many plots (properties) drain water into the municipality's sewer system. Either directly or in some other way.  Are you a user of a plot (property) like this? Then you pay sewerage charges. The municipality uses the charge to take care of the sewerage system to ensure it works properly. 

To find out how much you have to play please visit the rates page.

Who receives the tax assessment with sewerage charge?

There are two types of sewerage charge; one for owners and one for users.


It concerns owners of properties with a connection to the sewerage system. Directly or otherwise.


Users are owners or tenants  of a property. How much you have to pay depends on the volume of waste water to be taken away from your property each year. You will only receive an assessment if the volume of waste water exceeds 250 m3 of water per year. 

If you sell

Does your property change ownership? Then the person listed as the owner on January 1st has to pay the full amount of this charge. You will nog get a refund. The notary usually does settle part of the taxes with the new owner.

If you relocate

Are you relocating to another municipality?
Then you will have to pay up to the moving date. This is only possible for the users' share. We will send you a letter informing you about this. 

Are you relocating within the municipality of Nijkerk?
Then nothing will change this year. Next year you will receive an assessment for your new address.

Is remission possible?

Are you unable to pay this charge? Then you can request remission for the owners' share. 

Learn more about requesting remission.

Do you not qualify for remission? It is also possible to pay in instalments.

Learn more about paying in instalments.