Payment reminder

You have to pay the taxes within a two-month period. The tax assessment states the date by which the amount must be in our bank account. This date is called the due date (in Dutch: vervaldatum).

Payment reminder

Have you missed the due date and did you pay in time for the past three years? Then GBLT will send you a payment reminder first. This payment reminder is your first notice and is free of charge.

The total amount to be payed is stated on the payment reminder. Please pay the amount due within 14 days of the date on the reminder.

If you fail to pay in time, GBLT will send you a final notice. GBLT charges legal costs for this.

How can you pay?

  • With iDEAL in Mijn Loket
    Log onto Mijn Loket
  • Transfer the amount yourself, to GBLT bank account NL82 DEUT 0319 8046 15. Please mention the assessment number stated on the payment reminder.
  • Give GBLT permission to debit the amount to your bank account in instalments . Read more about payment in instalments.

Have you already paid?

And did you still receive a payment reminder? Then your payment and the reminder have crossed paths. You do not have to take action.

Are you unable to pay?

Are you in a difficult situation financially? We will gladly work with you to find a solution. Read more about having trouble paying.