Domestic waste charge Leusden

GBLT sends an assessment for household waste collection to the occupant or user of a plot. You always receive an assessment even if you do not dispose of any waste.

The domestic waste collection charge consists of two parts:

  1. A flat fee per annum.

This amount is stated on the tax assessment which we send at the beginning of the year. The flat fee is for all waste except residual waste. For example, for plastic and green waste. And for the bottle banks. You have no influence on this amount.

  1. A fee for each time you present residual waste.

You pay for each time you dispose of waste. This is called a differentiated tariff, "diftar" for short. You can control these charges by separating your waste properly. That way, you will have less residual waste. We will send you a separate tax assessment for diftar after the year end. This means you will always pay this year's diftar in the next year.

Please visit the rates pages to find out how much you have to pay.

Is remission possible?

Are you unable to pay this rate? Then you can request remission. Do you meet the rules and conditions for remission? Then you do not have to pay.

Read more about requesting remission.

Do you not qualify for remission? It is also possible to pay in instalments.

Read more about paying in instalments.

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Questions about the container or waste collection pass?

Please contact the Municipality of Leusden, telephone number 14 033.

Domestic waste collection charge on relocating

  • Do you relocate within the same municipality?
    The domestic waste collection charge transfers with it. Next year, you will receive a new tax assessment for the new premises.
  • Do you relocate to another municipality?
    You will have to pay up to the moving date. We will send you a letter about this. Did you pay for the entire year in advance? Then we will refund part of this amount.
  • Do you relocate from another municipality to Leusden?
    You have to pay from the moment you reside in Leusden. You will receive a tax assessment for this.