We are committed to helping you in the best possible way

Nevertheless, you may be dissatisfied. We will be glad to help you find a suitable solution to your situation. 

Discuss your complaint first

Are you dissatisfied with the way we assisted you? Please discuss this immediately with the colleague who helped you. Are you unable to find a solution with this staff member? Then please let us know. 

File your complaint

Are you dissatisfied with the way in which we helped you? And are you unable to find a solution together with the staff member? Then you can file a complaint. You can do so up to one year after the event. You can file your complaint in 3 ways:

  • By phone, on 088-064 55 55;
  • Online, in Mijn Loket (Dutch only);
  • In writing,  by sending a letter to: GBLT - klachten, postbus 1098, 8001 BB  Zwolle. Please state in your letter that it is a complaint for the complaints coordinator.

Log in to Mijn Loket

When will you be notified of the outcome of your complaint?

We will review your complaint carefully. Where necessary, we will contact you for additional information. A decision on your complaint will be send within six weeks. Do you disagree with this decision? Then you can contact the Dutch Ombudsman.

Do you disagree with a decision GBLT made?

Do you disagree with one of our decisions? For example, about our accessibility or your tax assessment? We would like to hear that from you too. You can lodge an objection or appeal against this decision. You can read how this works on the Objections page.