Why do I pay water system charge for residents?

You pay water system charge because you are a user of a residential property

You pay water system charge for residents for being able to live, work and recreate in your Water Board's catchment area. It does not matter whether you own or rent a property. The Water Board Act states that you must pay water system charge if you are a resident. The proceeds of the water system charge enable your Water Board to manage and maintain dikes and waterways and so on. And maintain the level of groundwater and water in ditches and rivers.

GBLT determines the water system charge per housing unit on January 1st of the tax year

For the water system charge for residents, it is irrelevant how many people live in a housing unit. We send the tax assessment to one person registered to the housing unit on January 1st of the tax year. We use information from the municipality to determine the identity of the persons registered. The rules stated in the ‘besluit aanwijzing belastingplichtige’ (taxpayer designation decree)  determine which of those persons receives the tax assessment.